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Kluster Intelligence® harnesses powerful artificial intelligence to produce live, dynamic forecasts, expansive pipeline visibility and intelligent insights that drive revenue.

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We understand that most companies will not have a perfectly customised CRM, or a data science function to answer their business questions.

Kluster are on hand to help you connect the dots.

Get in touch to enquire about how we have delivered actionable insights for our clients.

Customer Success

Dave McGrath
"Kluster has improved the way we manage our business daily, and our spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Now, we can get predictive forecasts across any part of the team, and immediately spot pipeline bottlenecks and deals in danger."
Dave McGrath | Sales Director
Kantar Media
Patrick Totty
"With Kluster, the integrity of our pipeline has completely changed as our reps are focused on the deals we’re most likely to close. The visual insights and target capabilities have resulted in a high adoption rate across the team."
Patrick Totty | Head of Sales
Ayming UK
Stuart Fowler
"Kluster enables us to focus our efforts on the pipeline most likely to close, spotting deals in trouble in plenty of time to bring them back. Our sales culture is far more open now, and our activity targets are driving deal volumes upwards."
Stuart Fowler | Sales Manager
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The Kluster Intelligence Management Team

Kluster Intelligence - Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kluster Intelligence - Rory Brown

Rory Brown

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Kluster Intelligence - John Stephenson

John Stephenson

Chief Technology Officer

Security First

We take your security extremely seriously, which is why we will only deploy our applications and store your data using the most robust and trusted methods.


Kluster use robust identity and access management to ensure your data is protected

The hosting infrastructure is secured with DDoS detection, intrusion detection, penetration testing, automated auditing and logging - and more.


Kluster ensures all traffic between us and your browser is encrypted over HTTPS.

All traffic flowing between the application and databases is encrypted, and all data in transit is further protected by OAuth 2.0.


The hosting platform, Microsoft Azure, is trusted by the Ministry of Defence for their computing, FBI departments for hosting criminal justice data, and Symantec for their disaster recovery.

Furthermore, Azure is used by over 85% of Fortune 500 businesses.

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